the map of Piri Reis

The fabulous map of admiral Piri Reis. He drew it in 1513 on gazelle parchment. He wrote Turkish in Arabic letters. There are to be seen the Caribbean, the west coast of South America and the Antarctic - which was "discovered" only some 3 centuries later!



And the more mysteries: a part of the Antarctic, Queen Maud Land, is to be seen without ice, as it was some thousands of years before.....


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ANKARA - Turkish Daily News



Amateur historian Cezmi Yurtsever has again claimed to have decrypted secret codes on a map belonging to 16th century Ottoman Admiral Piri Reis and has come to the conclusion that Christopher Colombus was an Ottoman spy.

Speaking at a press conference, Yurtsever said Colombus had not shared the scientific findings of his voyages to America with the Spanish, who had financed him, but with the Ottomans.

He said Colombus had journeyed to the Americas four times between 1492 and 1503 and that he had given maps and information from these journeys to the Ottomans.

“I have solved some of the codes in Piri Reis's map. There is a note on the map that says, ‘The map of that place came to us.' Consequently, I reached the conclusion that Colombus was an Ottoman spy.”

Yurtsever had previously claimed that Turks discovered America 25 years before Christopher Colombus, establishing a government in the New World.

“It is no coincidence that a country with the word 'Turk' in its name exists there The Caribbean. As Piri Reis was drawing up his map in 1513, he was using both Colombus' map and certain information that only he knew. Hundreds of years later, we see a country called Turks and Caicos.” He added that Caicos sounded similar to "kayık" (boat in Turkish) and referred to the country as "Turks and Boats" for the duration of his press conference.

He said world history needs to be reassessed after further analysis of the codes of Piri Reis's map.

Yurtsever's contribution to world history is expected to continue as he unravels more of Piri Reis' mysteries.